The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Equivalents in Python and JavaScript

This cheat sheet highlights analogies in Python and JavaScript. It might be interesting to you if you are a full-stack developer working with Django, Flask, Pyramid, or another Python-based framework, a server-side developer who wants to better understand the frontend, or a front-end developer who wants to better understand the serverside.

The cheat sheet consists of three sheets:

  1. the traditional Python and JavaScript snippets which will work with Python 2.7-3.x and JavaScript based on ECMAScript 5 and ECMAScript 6 standards
  2. the snippets with modern features of those programming languages which will require Python 3.6 and JavaScript based on the ECMAScript 6 standard (and Babel for backward compatibility)
  3. a bonus sheet with the most useful list and dictionary operations

These topics are covered:

  • integer parsing,
  • conditional assignments,
  • manipulating the values of object attributes and the values of dictionary keys,
  • list operations,
  • string operations,
  • serializing and deserializing objects to and from JSON,
  • working with regular expressions,
  • custom error handling,
  • string interpolation,
  • unpacking lists,
  • lambda functions,
  • iterating through lists,
  • generator functions,
  • working with values in sets,
  • handling function arguments,
  • creating classes with or without inheritance,
  • class properties.

Uhh. That's a lot! Everything is nicely formatted and ready to print.

But wait a moment. That's not all. As a bonus, you also get these topics:

  • finding if a list contains all truthful elements,
  • detecting if a list has any truthful elements,
  • iterating through each element and its index,
  • getting the results of a function for each element in a list,
  • filtering elements by a function,
  • reducing elements by a function to a single value,
  • merging dictionaries.

Get it now and master your craft like a charm!

The current document revision is 12. Last modified in March 2019. PDF in color. Syntax highlighted. It is optimized for laser printing.

Programming Development Cheat Sheet Python 3 JavaScript

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